Client : AnneCarole
Industry : Real Estate, Franchise
Application type : Real estate advertising site
Service type : TPAM (Third Party Application Maintenance) & Hosting

Anne Carole is a network of real estate agency franchises in the Paris region.
In the course of its operations, it has developed Web and intranet tools for promoting properties on the market and made a management tool available to its franchisees.
All of the software solutions were developed and deployed within the network by an independent developer. As the latter could no longer provide maintenance, Anne Carole sought a TPAM and hosting solution

Quickly take over the reins of a solution developed by a third party
Accurately assess client needs in a foreign functional and technical context
Propose an effective, economical and profitable maintenance solution for the client and our company
Make contacts available to respond to the needs of the franchisee users

We performed a “flash” audit of all of the software in place over 3 days

We recommended and implemented a new hosting infrastructure with dimensions better suited to the evolution of Anne Carole’s needs

The takeover of the existing system was completed over 3 months, allowing Anne Carole to take back control of content

Source@Max organises its software maintenance operations between France and Australia. Our twin geographic locations means we can organise after-hours ticket handling by remote teams, enabling us to respond to some problems during the night.

The TPAM and hosting product offered by Source@Max is a coherent set of services allowing our clients to refocus on their core business in the knowledge that their applications are still highly available to them.

Would you like to retain control over your applications and enjoy a seamless support system? Ask us about our TPAM services by clicking here !


Check out what technology we use in this project.

MS SQL Server




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