1 – Availability & Commitment

We are committed to adapting to the constraints of your project and supporting you during peak load periods. In the area of service, sometimes our assignments require us to be on call or go the extra mile and we consider that part of the job.

Availability of resources 24/7 – Thanks to our teams of engineers based in France and Australia, we can offer you high-quality support around the clock.

2 – Customised consultant profiles

We are committed to offering you consultant profiles at the required qualification level, who can be immediately effective in the context of your projects and the tasks you assign them.

Satisfaction guarantee – If, at the end of the first week of service, you find the consultant we have offered doesn’t suit you, you will not be charged for that week.

3 – Transparency & Reporting

Our consultants are used to reporting their activities in real time. You will have access to the progress monitoring of their assignments and their activity reports. If an obstacle or something unexpected comes up, you will know about it immediately.

Monitor progress – You’ll have access to our Extranet which gathers the day by day activity reports of all of our consultants working on your project together in the one place. Monthly reviews are conducted with one of our internal project managers to ensure the assignment is progressing well.

4 – Effectiveness

Our consultants are trained to ask the right questions and understand your needs before attempting to respond to them. Our aim is to offer you the best advice and help you implement the most effective solutions.

Effective dialogue – 100% of our pre-sales team are seasoned consultants with solid technical expertise.

5 – Quality & Team spirit

A project is a collective human adventure. Our consultants are sensitive to the importance of combining expertise and humility and communicating clearly while taking the perspective of other team members into account.

Enjoy quality assurance – We are committed to evaluating all of our consultants during the course of their assignment, to ensure you receive optimum quality and that they successfully integrate into your teams.

6 – Training & Certification

The world of the internet is permanently evolving, every day new languages, concepts and frameworks appear. We constantly monitor and stay attuned to these developments and consider it our duty to regularly train our consultants in new technologies that have proved their value.

Reap the benefits of our training commitment – All of our consultants receive regular training. We take care of and pay for any training or certifications required for your projects

7 – Membership of the Source@Max network

When you choose one of our consultants, you don’t only get the benefit of their individual expertise but that of our whole team of experts. Through each of our consultants you’ll be able to call on the whole of the Source@Max network.

Accumulate expertise days – Based on the duration of the assignments you entrust to us, you will accumulate expertise days that allow you to call on our experts and access our technical knowledge base.

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