Client :
Industry : Tourisme
Application type : eCommerce
Project duration : 400 person-days

Presentation promotes the full range of services offered by a number of French companies and is aimed at both individuals and companies wanting to organize outings and events in Paris in a luxury setting (Lido, Yachts de Paris…)
The site in place prior to our intervention was complicated to maintain and obsolete in many aspects.

Simplify the site administration
Not lose any turnover by creating a real-time connection between the online reservation facility and the back office
Improve the web indexing of the site and lower the marketing costs for promoting the site
Increase the number of sales immediately by improving the reservation process

The site now receives thousands of connections on a daily basis thanks to a natural indexing mechanism put in place by our experts

Clear presentation of online product offers has led to an increase in online reservations of over 100%

All transactions are now traceable, facilitating effective reporting

ROI was achieved in under 12 months

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MS SQL Server




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