Client : so-appro
Industry : Logistique & Procurement
Application type : eProcurement
Project duration : 110 person-days/6 months

The client wanted to market a product based on its expertise in the area of logistics and procurement, supplier catalogue management, product delivery and ordering in order to supply its own restaurants. The internal tools needed to be restyled for their presentation to external users in a public portal aimed at new clients

Starting from a complex existing arrangement: create a new and coherent composite application from the existing heterogenous component applications

Secure access: Implement a unique and secure identification process (SSO*) for external users of internal critical business tools while safeguarding the confidentiality of data

Seize and quickly capitalise a significant market opportunity

We were able to bring together all of the component business applications in one uniform and ergonomic application through our portal tool Get@max

The connection problems were resolved, simplifying user access to business tools

Savings were able to be made thanks to a flexible integrated application that did not pose any challenges to the existing arrangement

By implementing the solution recommended by Source@Max, our client quickly became operational in a few weeks and was able to launch its new product onto the market. Today So Appro has close to a hundred clients. The project enabled almost 20 million euros in turnover to be generated

ROI was achieved in under 6 months

To learn how to optimise use of a large number of existing heterogenous applications with the Get@Max mashup, contact us for an assessment of your needs!


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MS SQL Server

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