Client : Sodexo
Industry : Food service
Application type : Work schedule and approval cycle management
Project duration : 400 person-days

Sodexo is one of the world leaders in the food service industry.
In the context of the deployment of a HR module, Sodexo expressed the need to network an in-place web application with a SAP system
Create a real-time connection between a web front application and SAP in an optimum security environment

Integrate the solution in an ergonomic way with a tool widely used by over 1500 users

The mass and simultaneous deployment of a critical tool involving the salaries of over 15,000 individuals
Ensure compliance with internal HR systems and policies and work within the numerous business constraints

Source@Max proposed and built an innovative and robust architecture allowing a high-performance connection between the web application and SAP thanks to the CF2SAP tool, which enables the automatic and dynamic generation of JAVA classes based on SAP RFC that are immediately usable by the developers.

Thanks to this approach we delivered three important gains to our client:

Optimal performance in terms of accessing and manipulating SAP data with response times 30% shorter than more traditional solutions, thus enabling the smooth deployment of a critical operation

Improved maintainability of the solution thanks to the automatic adjustment of Java classes based on SAP RFC modifications

A perfect integration of the existing web applications into the SAP environment, without changing user habits.

ROI was achieved in 8 months

To find out more about our CF2SAP tool and implementing a simple and effective solution for connecting the web to SAP ERP, without using ABAP Web or NetWeaver, click here !


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